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I help people to thrive in their work.

Whether it means growing more fully into your current role, building the confidence to advance your career or embrace a new direction, my aim is to help you to act from a deeper sense of who you are and develop the resilience needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced and uncertain world.

If work is more than just about paying the bills to you and you also want to grow and develop yourself professionally, together, we will work on clarifying what you want to achieve and developing the mindset that you need to get there.

I work internationally, over the phone or Skype.

Find Your Resilience (3-month programme)

If you are feeling overwhelmed in your job and you feel stuck with no way out, this programme will help you find your feet again. We will focus on mindset and the simple practices that you can put in place to develop your resilience and find more clarity within yourself to deal with your situation.

This is a 3-month programme because unconscious limiting beliefs often stop us from changing. I support you over this period by helping you to become aware of them and developing your ability to deal with them so that they no longer stand in the way of your well-being and you finally thriving.

What's Next in Your Career? (6-month programme)

If you know that what you have now is not what you want, but aren’t sure what is next for you, this programme will help you get clarity. Together, we will draw up a map of your strengths and talents and what really matters to you when it comes to work. We will also spend some time looking at the mindset that you need to adopt to make that next right move for you. The aim of the programme is to get you to a place where you confidently move into action to create the career that you want.

This is a longer programme because an important aspect of it is to discover what is next for you by trying things out. In addition to building your confidence in knowing that you can take action and get what you want, we use the information you uncover in your experiences to further clarify what is right for you.